My July favorites :


As the month of July is over I decided to share with you the things I loved this month. There won't be any beauty items included because I was doing an internship so I didn't use anything new. I won't be presenting any books neither because I had read quite a lot so I will write a full post about books.

  • A weekend away in La Rochelle : 

My boyfriend and I visited La Rochelle for a little weekend away. The city has been built around a harbor and it was just the prettiest place. The architecture is beautiful, there is a lot of arches. You can go in a tower to have an overview of the city. 
We booked this weekend quite a long time ago because it was supposed to have an event there but it was cancelled. We were so happy to get a little weekend together, it makes us want to visit more the cities around where we live because it is so enjoyable. Let me know if you would be interesting in a full blog post of my recommendations !

  • Les Escales festival :

This weekend I went to a festival in Saint Nazaire, it's a festival on a harbor area which makes it very cool. I love the vibes of the festival, there is a lot of families, a lot of food stands... it's very relax. Each year the theme is a different city, this year it was Detroit. So we were lucky enough to listen to famous french or international artists or artists coming from Detroit. I loved the fact that I discovered a lot of new artists. 

My favorite were Imany and Tunde Olaniran.

  • Game of Thrones : 
I am so happy GOT is back ! It was such a nice break from work, I am not watching any series in the summer normally but now I am watching GOT. I read the books so I was very excited to see the actual series. Let me know if you are watching as well !

I am going away to Mallorca next week in Puerto Pollensa and Palma, if you have any recommendations on where to go, what to eat... Feel free to let me know ! 

Let me know what you enjoyed in July !

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  1. La Rochelle sounds and looks awesome! It sounds like you had a good month.

  2. La Rochelle looks beautiful! I'd love to visit France one day. I hope you have a great August as well!

    1. Thank you Jennifer ! I hope you will have a great August too ! France is a nice country to visit !

  3. La Rochelle looks beautiful, I would love to hear more recommendations from you x

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    1. It is a beautiful city ! Ah I should probably write a full post about it ;)
      Thank you for your support !

  4. Wow! It looks soo beautiful :)


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